Lotto Max Winner In BC Woke Up His Wife To Tell Her The News & She Couldn't Believe It

They're going to help family and friends with the money! ❤️

​Andrei and Zinaida Milchevska.
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Andrei and Zinaida Milchevska.

A Lotto Max winner in B.C. was super excited to tell his wife the news after finding out they won big.

Andrei and Zinaida Milchevska from Saskatoon bought their winning ticket from a Petro Canada in Wonowon, B.C. on Highway 97, for the October 14 Lotto Max draw.

Andrei found out the pair had won a sweet $500,000 Extra prize on his Lotto Max ticket after checking the Lotto! app.

"I was at work during a night shift, and I scanned the ticket on the Lotto! app and saw it was a winner," Andrei said.

"Then I called my wife to tell her and woke her up – we both could not believe it," he added.

The Milchevskas plan on celebrating their winnings with a nice dinner out and hope to put some of the money towards helping family and friends.

"We just can't believe it," the couple said of their win.

The Milchevskas aren't the only lucky lottery winners in B.C. to score some big cash from the Lotto Max recently.

This Lotto Max winner in Langley told his wife about their Maxmillions prize of $1 million and she thought he was lying. After realizing it was true, the couple plans to take their children and grandchildren on a magical trip to Disneyland.

Another Lotto Max winner from Surrey was shaking and crying after he found out he had won $1 million in the October 18 draw and he had to try and act normal while he was at work.

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