Lotto Max Winner In BC Discovered The Win At A Hockey Tournament & Was 'Excited & Scared'

He scored some big cash!

Michael Kriberg.
Staff Writer

Michael Kriberg.

A Lotto Max winner in B.C. was feeling excited and scared, after realizing he won a major sum of cash while at a hockey tournament.

Michael Kriberg from Victoria, B.C. bought his lucky winning ticket from a Country Grocer at Royal Oak Shopping Centre in Victoria, ahead of the November 29 Lotto Max draw.

“I was at a hockey tournament in Nanaimo and I used the BCLC! Lotto App on my phone to validate my ticket,” Kriberg said.

Kriberg realized he had won a sweet $1 million Maxmillions prize.

"The first thing that crossed my mind was ‘holy smokes!" he said.

He was most excited to share the news of his winnings with his wife, who was “excited and in disbelief."

When Kriberg was asked how he felt about scoring such a large prize, he said he was "excited and scared."

"This win will make things more comfortable," he added.

Kriberg plans on putting some of his winnings towards helping his family, paying off his mortgage and taking a vacation.

In 2022, more than $173 million was redeemed by B.C. Lotto Max players, according to BCLC.

One Lotto Max winner in B.C. broke records after she won a massive $31 million jackpot from the July 8 Lotto Max draw. It was the biggest win from a ticket.

Another Lotto Max winner in B.C. took a while to process the fact that she won the $500,000 Extra prize in the November 25 Lotto Max draw — after purchasing her ticket on a whim.

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