Lotto Max Winner In BC Told His Wife About The Big Win & She Thought He Was Joking At First

"I took her with me to validate it again and showed her the total."👀

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Lotto Max winner Kanwar Kapoor.

Lotto Max winner Kanwar Kapoor.

A Lotto Max winner in B.C. was thrilled to share the big news of his win with his wife but she had quite a hard time believing him.

Kanwar Kapoor, from Surrey, bought his lucky ticket from a Canco on Lougheed Highway in Deroche ahead of the October 18 Lotto Max draw.

After the draw, Kapoor used a self-scanner at a Petro Canada to check his ticket and found out he had won a massive Maxmillions prize of $1 million and he couldn't wait to tell his wife all about it.

However, she wasn't sure whether to believe him at first.

“I was most excited to tell my wife, she thought I was joking and didn’t believe me,” Kapoor said.

But Kapoor was able to prove it when he took her with him to get the ticket validated.

“So, I took her with me to validate it again and showed her the total,” he added.

With the life-changing windfall, Kapoor plans on setting aside some of the cash for his children's education.

He also said the win will give him "a bit of cushion and a sense of security.”

Kapoor wasn't the only lucky Lotto winner in B.C. with a ton of other winners who have won big over the last few weeks.

Another Lotto Max winner in Surrey was excited to share the news of his big winnings with his girlfriend after finding out he had won $500,000 last month.

A Lotto Max Winner in Langley ran into a similar situation with his wife, when he found out he had won a Maxmillions prize of $1 million in the October 14 Lotto Max draw, and she thought he was lying.

Altogether, lottery players in B.C. in 2022 have won over $158 million from Lotto Max.

If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling, refer to these helplines across Canada. Support is available.

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