Canada’s West Coast Is Getting 2 Black Moons Soon & Sorry Toronto You Missed Out Already

Time to see the dark-side of the moon. 🌑

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Canada’s West Coast Is Getting 2 Black Moons Soon & Sorry Toronto You Missed Out Already

Vancouver is getting two black moons and you can't even see them from Toronto. Lucky for us on the West Coast, the two moons will be visible here.

Although the black moon is usually rare, Vancouverites will be lucky enough to get a "black moon hat trick" this year, according to the Almanac.

The black moon got its name because it occurs when the moon shows its dark side to the earth.

There are some different definitions of a black moon, and it can happen in a few different ways.

If there is a second new moon in a month, which is rare, it is always a black moon. If there is no new moon in a month then it's also considered a black moon, but this can only happen in the month of February.

It's also considered a black moon if there is a third new moon when there are four in a season.

The West Coast already had a black moon on January 31, 2022. This was the second new moon in the month for Vancouver, but for the East Coast the moon actually landed on February 1, so was not considered a black moon.

Rest assured if you missed it though — there are two more moons coming, with a black moon for all of February and another on March 31, 2022.

February has no new moon so this will also be considered a black moon month — which is a super rare occurrence! This only happens roughly every five to ten years.

The stars may even look brighter in the sky as the black moon will not be as bright as other moons, giving more of the spotlight to the stars.

For those that live in eastern or Atlantic times zones don't worry too much. You will also be getting a black moon on April 30, 2022.

Although the black moon is extremely faint to see, the illuminated stars should brighten your night.

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