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This City In BC Actually Banned Pickleball In Some Places Because It Got Too Rowdy

Who knew pickleball was so wild?

People playing pickleball. Right: Parliament building in Victoria, B.C.

People playing pickleball. Right: Parliament building in Victoria, B.C.


Pickleball players are having a little too much fun with the game — and a neighbourhood in Victoria, B.C. has actually banned the sport from some local courts.

If you only know pickleball because of Kim Kardashian's love for the unique sport, there is actually a whole community of players who have fun with the game.

The president of the Victoria Regional Pickleball Association, named Connie McCann, told Narcity in an email that pickleball was shut down at two courts in James Bay — due to noise complaints.

McCann said that the VRPA received letters "on March 11 and March 15 respectively of official closure of the pickleball lined courts on tennis courts at Todd Park."

They stated: "Pickleball lines will be removed to address noise concerns from nearby residents."

Apparently, the pickleballers are one rowdy crew.

The group's reaction to the closures was dismay, McCann said.

She added that the "VRPA contends that if the City had built dedicated courts in appropriate locations the James Bay/Todd Park situation would not have arisen. If you spread the play out then neighbours are not so affected."

McCann also said that the District of Saanich — which is near Victoria — put some restrictions on pickleball courts.

Saanich Parks set restricted hours on two pickleball courts at Tolmie Park and, according to McCann, closed them three days a week.

"The noise complaints were from more than five neighbours and they have been very vociferous for more than a year," she added.

Thankfully, the city of Victoria is opening up more pickleball courts soon.

It is starting a pilot project in an unused parking lot in Beacon Hill Park, where pickleball will soon be played.

What is pickleball?

Pickleball might seem like a strange sport to some people — especially given the name. It was actually started in the '60s though, as a backyard game. Now it is known globally and has some strong communities.

It's played with paddles, which are used to hit a ball over a net.

McCann described it as "a blend of tennis and ping pong."

The game sounds like a ton of fun to try out. If you live in Victoria though — keep it down.

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