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I Went To Aritiza's Huge Warehouse Sale In Vancouver This Week & It Was Total Chaos

But the deals are worth it!

Vancouver Staff Writer
Picking through clothes at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale. Right: Aritzia bags.

Picking through clothes at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale. Right: Aritzia bags.

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The massive Aritzia Warehouse Sale is currently happening in Vancouver from August 31 until September 5, so my friend and I decided to go check out just how good these deals were for ourselves.

Let me tell you, it was absolutely a chaotic experience but I ended up finding some great sales — which made it all worth it in the end.

Aritzia Warehouse Sale.Aritzia Warehouse Sale.Ashley Harris | Narcity

The sale is currently happening in the Vancouver Convention Centre West (1055 Canada Place) which is a gigantic space that can hold a lot of people — and clothes.

As soon as I walked into the huge warehouse sale I was overwhelmed by people grabbing clothes off the racks stuffing them in their Ikea-like Aritzia bags and moving on to the next spot.

It was basically a free-for-all of Aritzia clothes and honestly, I found some hidden gems.

Crowds of people at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale.Crowds of people at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale.Ashley Harris | Narcity

The best clothing items I found were actually in some of the piles of unwanted clothes on the floors.

It was a pretty funny experience all things considered, but a little scavenging paid off.

Clothing on the floor at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale.Clothing on the floor at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale.Ashley Harris | Narcity

All Aritzia items are currently 50-90% off, including those iconic puffer jackets at highly discounted prices from $99 to $175.

The changing rooms were also a complete mess.

Basically, we were bunched in with a ton of people and there were more piles of clothes everywhere — but hey, I ended up finding more hidden gems in there, too.

By the end of it all, I was pretty exhausted.

I sorted through my shopping bag to pick and choose which items I actually needed or wanted before checking out.

Bags of clothing at Aritzia.Bags of clothing at Aritzia.Ashley Harris | Narcity

I ended up leaving with just one highly discounted item, after spending almost three hours there, but in my opinion, it was still so worth it.

I got a great deal on camel-coloured Wilfred Laramie Puffer jacket for $175 — which usually retails around $298.

My friend, on the other hand, ended up buying a whole bag full of clothes including a chunky cardigan, a checkered dress a tank top, a crewneck, and a sweater cardigan — all for around $200.

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