This Indoor Tropical Garden In BC Has Butterflies Flying Everywhere & It Looks Enchanting

This is what dreams are made of! 🦋 ✨

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​A woman with butterfly tattoos looking at butterflies. Right: A butterfly.

A woman with butterfly tattoos looking at butterflies. Right: A butterfly.

There is a magical garden in Victoria, B.C. that is a hidden oasis with tons of vibrant butterflies flying freely. If you've been craving a tropical escape, go to this spot.

The Victoria Butterfly Gardens has up to 70 different types of butterflies floating around and many other tropical animals too. The butterflies have a massive space of almost three times the size of a basketball court to roam around in, according to their website.

They might even come land on you.

These butterflies are so vibrant and beautiful, that it'll be hard not to snap a picture — just look at this bright orange butterfly!

While strolling through this garden you might also spot some frogs, tropical birds, iguanas, tortoises and tropical fish. Truly, it will feel like you've been transported to a tropical jungle while visiting this spot.

The indoor garden also has a huge variety of different plants including tropical and carnivorous ones — so don't get too up close and personal!

There is a good chance you could catch some extremely cool nature shots and maybe even fool your friends that you're in a tropical rainforest far, far away.

A parrot might even come chill on your shoulder here.

This is such a unique spot to explore on a rainy day for a little tropical warmth and nature fix. Plus, if you've been looking to try something different for your next date day out, this place would definitely be the spot to come.

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Price: $6.50 to $18

Address: 1461 Benvenuto Ave., Brentwood Bay, BC

Why You Need To Go: This is not your typical garden. The Victoria Butterfly Gardens is a hidden oasis filled with so many different types of plants and creatures to see.


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