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This Lavender Farm In BC Has Stunning Fields Of Purple & Looks Like A Slice Of Tuscany

The beauty of it will make your jaw drop!

Vancouver Staff Writer
​A woman in Tuscan Farm Gardens. Right: Tuscan Farm Gardens.

A woman in Tuscan Farm Gardens. Right: Tuscan Farm Gardens.

This stunning lavender farm in B.C. will transport you to Tuscany and you don't even need a flight to get there.

Tuscan Farm Gardens is located in Abbotsford, B.C., and it has rows and rows of gorgeous purple blooms.

It's one of the most photo-worthy things you can do in the Lower Mainland and you'll want to check it out — especially if you've been dreaming of Italy.

The name of the farm says it all. It has everything from flowers to decor, all with some strong Southern European vibes.

Tuscan Farm Gardens is open from Wednesday until Sunday and they stay open until 8 p.m. on weekends. That means you can capture some stunning shots of the blooms at a golden hour.

Not only does this farm have lavender fields to frolic throughout, but they also have wisteria plants, fountains and rose bushes along with many other mesmerizing flowers to gaze at.

If you are looking to leave with a little souvenir from your visit, the farm sells all-natural goods like honey, tea, essential oils, and other spa products.

Plus, there's food! If you happen to visit Tuscan Farm Gardens on a weekend, you can enjoy delicious lavender ice cream, lemonade, and other tasty treats.

This farm would be a great way to spend the weekend with some friends walking through a beautiful flower garden and taking in those magical natural aromas from the lavender plants.

Tuscan Farm Gardens

Price: Regular passes are $11.50 on weekdays $13.50 on weekends

Address: 6834 Mount Lehman Rd., Abbotsford, BC


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