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BC Man Called Out For Racism After TikTok Showed Him Yell At A Woman For Not Speaking English

"You're in Canada, you should speak English"

Western Canada Editor
Screenshots of the posted TikTok video.

Screenshots of the posted TikTok video.

A TikTok video showing a man at a B.C. SkyTrain station ranting at a woman for not speaking English has gained almost 400,000 views and counting.

The video shows a man speaking to a group of women and asking one of them where they are from. The person filming the video approached the man after he said to the woman: "You're in Canada now."

"Hey, that's racist man," the person said. The man proceeded to argue with the person filming the TikTok, claiming that what he said was not racist.

The video was posted on the TikTok account, @donnamlu, captioned: “You're in Canada you should speak English" “You move to Japan, you can speak Japanese."

The TikToker who posted the video confirmed in the comments that the incident occurred in Richmond, B.C. and that the women he was speaking to were "minding their own business," and "he was eavesdropping before he approached and harassed them."


“You’re in Canada you should speak English” “You move to Japan, you can speak Japanese” #racist #yvr #richmond #vancouver

After the person filming approached the man, he continued arguing and, at one point, said, "Excuse me, I'm a lawyer."

"My mother tongue is French," he said, before yelling for the person filming to "get out."

After telling them to leave, he continued to argue.

"Why do we have to bend over backwards? You move to Japan, you learn Japanese," the man added.

"I went to McGill law school," the man added, arguing that he has "the power to talk to the Members of Parliament."

The man did not specify what he would talk to them about before the group separated.

The TikTok now has over 27,600 likes and 5,711 comments. People in the comments are also calling out the man, and one person wrote that "he's on unceded Coast Salish territory. He should be speaking the language of Squamish, Musqueam, or Tsleil-Waututh then."

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