BC TikToker Explains What Canadian Tire Is For Non-Canadians & It Has People Crying (VIDEO)

"Canadian tire is our junk drawer."

Western Canada Editor
TikToker Claire Bowman explains Canadian Tire.

TikToker Claire Bowman explains Canadian Tire.

Someone in B.C. explained to confused TikTokers what the heck Canadian Tire is, and her breakdown of the store has people losing it.

Canadians on TikTok were crying laughing about how strange Canadian Tire sounds to people in other places, and even chiming in with their own descriptions of the beloved store.

TikToker @clairebowman._ had non-Canadians confused after she posted a video picking up a black Christmas tree from Canadian Tire, so she decided to try and explain the store that one person in the comments described as "Canada's junk drawer."

"So just to be upfront, we usually call Canadian Tire 'Crappy Tire,'" she begins. Apparently, the TikToker actually used to work there, so she is an expert on the one-stop shop.

"At Canadian Tire, you have everything you need to renovate your house, except for like, the supplies you need," she continues.

She goes over the kitchen supplies that are somehow always 80% off, the tire shop that actually no one buys tires from but that still makes the whole store smell like tires, and the random sporting goods section.


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"So you can go there to get tires but also a Christmas tree," she explained.

Then she explained how some locations even have a Party City in them, just to add some more confusion to the brand.

On top of everything, she shouts out the lacklustre toy and appliance sections, garden area, camping supplies and random snacks and other supplies under their house label Frank.

"So yeah, it's like a tire shop but no one goes there to buy tires," she concludes.

People in the comments loved the chaotic description and added their thoughts to the convo.

"Raise your hand if your Canadian Tire has a random hot dog truck out front," one person wrote.

"I'm crying why is Canadian Tire so normal in my head but it's really not to an outsider," another said.

"Canadian Tire is pretty much the Dollarama version of Toys"R"Us + Walmart + Ikea + Bed Bath & Beyond + random sport store," someone said.

The comments were filled with love for the iconic store, deemed a "national treasure" by some.

Others are just picking up on the strangeness of the store. "This is so accurate but I never realized how chaotic Canadian tire is."

All of the comments even prompted a Part 2 video where she adds more detail and goes over a few of the comments she got on the first video.


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"Somebody said that Canadian Tire is Target for men and I just cannot unsee it."

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Western Canada Editor
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