Trippy Video Of A Bird Floating In The Air Has TikTokers Scared & Questioning Reality

"Too many glitches in the matrix lately."

A mysterious dead bird that appears to be floating midair.
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A mysterious dead bird that appears to be floating midair.

Between UFO sightings and giant mystery orbs on beaches, it feels like 2023 just keeps getting weirder. Yet another unexplained occurrence was caught on camera in Surrey, B.C., and it went viral on TikTok.

In the video, a TikTok user named Kristina shared that her daughter's boyfriend spotted a seemingly dead bird "floating in the sky" on his commute in Metro Vancouver.

Many people are kind of freaking out over it, calling it a "glitch in the matrix," while others are theorizing logical explanations in the comment section.


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"Caught in fishing line and got tangled up on the power lines," someone suggested.

Another popular theory? "It could very well be trapped in a spider web."

Whatever the reality may or may not be, this alleged bird is giving Stephen King, X-Files and Stranger Things vibes — and people in the comment section are here for it: "You need to play 'Running Up That Hill' right now!"

Overall, people seem just about done with this year even though it's only February. "Alright we're cancelling 2023," someone wrote.

"Guys, I'm scared 😳" said another.

Twitter got in on the action, too, with one user sharing a zoomed-in video in which no strings can be detected.

A few TikTok commenters found the entertainment in this bizarre occurrence: "2020 season 3 is not disappointing so far."

"Did anyone have dead floating bird on their 2023 bingo?"

"Wow now this is truly bizarre and amazing."

The City of Surrey told Narcity that they haven't received any reports of this strange sighting, so it's an unsolved mystery for the time being.

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