Here's What Your Favourite Vancouver Restaurant Says About You, According To This BC TikToker

Does anyone else feel personally attacked? 🙋

​Emily Kierstead on TikTok.
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Emily Kierstead on TikTok.

This Canadian TikToker is letting people know what their go-to Vancouver restaurant says about their personality, and it might make you feel seen.

Content creator Emily Kierstead lists some of the most popular spots to hit up in the city, so it's likely you've been to at least one. Apparently, each has a particular vibe that can give a bit of insight into its regular customers.

For example, "if Pepino's is your favourite, you're the mom friend of the group. You're reliable, you always text back and you'll probably be the first one to get married and own a house," Kierstead said in her TikTok, posted in August.

If Nightingale is your go-to, then she says you're the "classy" friend.

The "mysterious" and "alternative" friend on the other hand might hit up Is That French.


#greenscreen what restaurants should I do next?🕺🏾 #vancouver #vancouverfoodie

Kierstead's account is more than just poking fun at classic personality types in the city though.

"I used my content as a way to build a sense of community through restaurant recommendations, personal stories and day-in-the-life videos," she told Narcity recently.

Kierstead regularly comes up with more dine-out content, like talking about the "most overrated restaurants in Vancouver."


#greenscreen inspo from @Connie ⭐️ do you guys want to see my underrated list? #vancouverfoodie #vancouver well as "underrated spots in Vancouver."


What else is missing from this list? #vancouver #vancouverfoodie

Kierstead's TikTok account has acquired almost 13,000 followers, who certainly value her restaurant recommendations — or opinions on places to avoid in Vancouver.

Her feed also hosts a bunch of content about being a 25-year-old in Vancouver, including spending habits, fashion choices etc. In one of her videos, she even talks about not being from Vancouver originally and the things that have surprised her about the city.

Another video, which takes us further inside her life and career, highlights how she got laid off from her job earlier this year. That's when she decided to turn to full-time content creation, but this journey has been full of trepidations as well.

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.