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Canada Is Being Smothered By Wildfire Smoke & There Are Alerts In Place Across The Country

Smoke from fires in central Canada is clogging up the Maritimes! 🥵

With wildfire smoke all over Canada smothering cities and discolouring the sky, alerts are now in place for seven provinces and one territory to warn Canadians about reduced air quality.

Environment Canada has issued special air quality statements and smog warnings for July 20 because of smoke from multiple active wildfires in western Canada, the Prairies and northwestern Ontario. While conditions are expected to improve in some places, "some areas may experience a deterioration of conditions again on Wednesday."

Alerts are in place for parts of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. There's also an air quality alert issued for parts of the Northwest Territories.

Environment Canada said that satellite images show the smoke plume from fires in central Canada extended all the way to the Maritimes.

Wildfire smoke can result in reduced visibility and poor air quality. It's possible for people to experience increased coughing, headaches, throat irritation or shortness of breath because of this.

A new app was released recently that lets you find and track wildfires that are burning in your area and across the country.

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