A Super Sneaky Canada Post Worker Got Caught With Over $40K In Stolen Packages

Over 100 stolen packages were found at his house!
Canada Post Package Theft: Worker Caught With $40k Of Stolen Packages

Between January and February of 2021, tons of reports of Canada Post package thefts were rolling in and the value of the stolen packages was over $10,000. 

Investigators at Canada Post said that they believed it to be a Winnipeg employee who was responsible for the thefts

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In April, the investigation led to the delivery driver's home in Mynarski and they found an astounding 100 stolen items. 

Those items accounted for an additional $30,000 in stolen packages.

"A 58-year adult male of Winnipeg was charged with one global charge of Theft from Mail (encompassing 46 events) and released on an Appearance Notice," read the news release, saying that more charges might come down the line. 

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