Canada Post and Ontario Provincial Police have tips for how to protect your packages from porch pirates this holiday season.

There have already been reports of people stealing packages off of front porches, and with more and more people sending gifts by mail, it's even more important to be vigilant.

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As online shopping continues to grow, the opportunity for theft has risen significantly. Ontario Provincial Police

A representative from Canada Post told Narcity via email that the company has improved its tracking to give people a better idea of when packages will arrive so that they can be home for delivery. 

They also recommended FlexDelivery, a free service from Canada Post which allows packages to be sent to a post office rather than getting left outside a house.

"We suggest that consumers ordering online read the retailer's shipping details and choose the best option for them," the representative said.

Like FlexDelivery, there are other companies that will hold on to your package for you, like PenguinPickup, which has multiple locations around Toronto for storing parcels before you collect them.

The Toronto Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police have also warned people to be aware of how to stop Christmas thefts.

In a press release from late October, the OPP recommended people track their packages and carefully and consider using lockboxes to keep packages more secure.

And they encouraged neighbours to keep an eye on each other's porches in order to help keep the whole street's gifts safe and secure.