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Here's Today's Wordle Answer For September 21 & Some Hints To Get You Started

Stumped by Wordle No. 459?

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Wordle on a smartphone.

Wordle on a smartphone.

Today's Wordle answer is an average challenge, and the New York Times isn't throwing in any country-specific spelling curveballs to mess you up.

The New York Times' Wordle Bot says that users solve puzzle No. 459 in an average of 3.7 turns, meaning it falls right in the middle of the road in terms of difficulty.

If you're just here for the answer, scroll right down to the bottom and we'll give you the goods.

If you'd like a few hints to get you going, we've got three right here that should help.

Wordle Hint No. 1

Wondering what letter you'll need to get started?

Try the letter "R."

Wordle Hint No. 2

Are there any repeated letters in the word?

The answer is no; you'll use each letter once.

Wordle Hint No. 3

How many vowels are in the Wordle solution?

Two. You're looking for two vowels.

What Other Wordle Players Are Doing

Are you wondering which starting words other people are using?

Wordle Bot says the most common opening word for today's puzzle was "ADIEU," with 7% of all users giving that a shot. It's certainly a good way to buy a vowel (or four)!

The second-most common starting word was "CRANE."

According to the statistics, 34% of all guesses on Turn 3 hit the right answer, while 71% of guesses on Turn 4 got it right.

For those who got all the way to Turn 6, 98% of them figured it out at that point.

Wordle Answer No. 459

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle is "RECAP."

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