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Here's Today's Wordle Answer For September 23 & We Have Some Hints To Get You Started

Let’s have a glorious start to the weekend and solve Wordle #461!

Global Staff Writer
A person playing Wordle.

A person playing Wordle.

We're finally at the end of the work week, and what better way to ring in the weekend than to ace today's Wordle puzzle?

The Wordle for September 23 may not be a word you use daily, but it's definitely not a curveball like some past answers (yes, we're talking about the word KNOLL, which is outside the vocabulary of a layperson).

If you're here for the answer, then you can jump straight to the end of the article, but if you're up looking for some useful, yet not too-revealing, hints, read on.

Wordle Hint No. 1

Today's word only consists of one vowel, so if you're one of those who start the puzzle with a vowel-heavy word like "ADIEU," then we'll save you a guess and suggest you don't bother.

(For an extra hint, the vowel in today's Wordle is situated at letter three of the word.)

Wordle Hint No. 2

If you're struggling with the first letter, we suggest you try "G."

Wordle Hint No. 3

We've given a big hint in the subhead of this story! Scroll up and see for yourself.

Wordle Hint No. 4

You don't need to stress about repeating letters in today's Wordle.

Wordle Hint No. 5

Today's Wordle is also the title of a 1989 war movie featuring actors like Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.

If you haven't watched it yet, then maybe the weekend is a good time to do so.

Wordle Answer No. 461

Today's Wordle answer is the word "GLORY."

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