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Wordle Has A New Feature That Shows How Good Your Guesses Were & It Could Improve Your Results

The Wordle bot analyzes your guesses step by step and rates you! 🟩

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Someone is holding a phone with the new Wordle feature in front of a yellow flowers bouquet.

Someone is holding a phone with the new Wordle feature in front of a yellow flowers bouquet.

There is a new Wordle feature that will tell you how good your guesses are and it could even help you get better results.

If you don't know how to play Wordle, a game now owned by the New York Times, you get six tries to correctly guess a daily five-letter word.

With each guess, letters that are in the correct spot are highlighted in green, letters that are in the word but in the wrong spot are in yellow, and letters that aren't in the word at all are in grey.

"Want to know why you played so well — or so badly — in today's Wordle? Meet WordleBot, your daily Wordle companion that will tell you how efficient and lucky you were — and it could help improve your results," the New York Times said on Twitter.

The new Wordle bot analyzes the last game you completed with the device you're on but you can also upload a screenshot of a different Wordle.

First, it tells you what your Wordle ratings are which include skill (if you minimize the expected number of turns it would take to solve the puzzle), luck (if your guesses eliminated more solutions than expected), and steps (the guesses it took you to find the solution).

Next, the bot analyzes your guesses step by step.

It tells you what it would have done differently and the math behind its recommendations. However, the bot ignores your first guess when calculating your overall skill score. After that, you can see how the bot got to that day's Wordle answer compared to how you solved it.

On average, the bot takes just 3.4 guesses to correctly figure out a Wordle puzzle!

A recent study analyzed Twitter data to figure out which countries have the best Wordle scores in the world. Canada is the 17th best country in the world at solving Wordle and players take an average of 3.90 guesses to get the right word.

Right after Canada, the U.S. is 18th in the world with an average of 3.92. The best country at playing Wordle is Sweden, with people there solving the puzzle in 3.72 guesses on average!

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