You Could Rent A Private Island In Ontario For Under $70 A Night If You Split It With 5 BFFs

The new Airbnb has a lighthouse you can sleep in.

Interior of the cottage. Right: Aerial view of private island.
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Interior of the cottage. Right: Aerial view of private island.

You don't need to spend your life savings in order to stay on a private island. This new Airbnb in Ontario lets you and your besties enjoy that private island life without breaking the bank.

This is the first year the island has been available to rent on Airbnb. Located in Parry Sound, the spot of land features a cozy cottage that sleeps up to nine guests.

Private island Airbnb.Private island Airbnb.Graham & Tennille | Airbnb

You can enjoy amazing sunrise and sunset views while being totally immersed in nature. The rental comes with a fully equipped kitchen as well as well as a large family room with a fireplace.

Some unique aspects of the stay include a lighthouse bunkie that you can actually sleep in as well as an outdoor shower with an open-sky experience.

Lighthouse bunkie.Lighthouse bunkie.Graham & Tennille | Airbnb

You can lounge on the private dock and take a dip in the surrounding water, warm up in the hot tub, and gather around the toasty fire pit at night.

The base rate of the Airbnb is $400 per night, meaning that, depending on the size of your group, you could stay here for pretty cheap. Six people could split the fare for under $70 per night each.

Living room with water views. Living room with water views. Graham & Tennille | Airbnb

The price can vary depending on the date and size of the group and cleaning fees, service fees, and taxes will add a little more to your bill.

The cottage is accessible by canoe or by water taxi for an additional fee.

Bedroom.Bedroom.Graham & Tennille | Airbnb

If your own private island sounds like a dream come true then you'll want to call up your besties and plan a getaway to this new spot.

Private Island Airbnb

Private island Airbnb.

Private island Airbnb.

Graham & Tennille | Airbnb



Neighbourhood: The Archipelago, ON

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy a private island escape at this new Ontario Airbnb.

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