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11 Photos From The Euro 2020 Final That Will Take You On A Real Emotional Rollercoaster

Elation and heartbreak... you might need a tissue! 🥲🤧

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11 Photos From The Euro 2020 Final To Make You Laugh & Cry

On Sunday night at Wembley Stadium, England and Italy faced off in the final of the men's European Championship 2020.

With a full-time score of 1-1, the game went to extra time and then penalties, during which England lost 3-2.

From utter elation and camaraderie to tears, heartbreak and sportsmanship, here's a look at some of the most mesmerizing photos from the Euro 2020 final.

It was a strong start for the home team, which scored within the first few minutes of the game in front of over 60,000 supporters.

It was a tense first half for both teams, as England held on to the lead and Italy continued to look for opportunities for a goal.

England | Twitter

Among the supporters in the crowd were Prince William and Kate Middleton, alongside their seven-year-old son Prince George (whose reaction to England's first goal went viral!).

The Italian national team really showed up in the second half, with Leonardo Bonucci scoring an equalizer in the 67th minute. Fans all over the world, including in Canada, took to the streets to celebrate.

@lance.mcmillan | Instagram

Despite chances for both teams, neither scored again in what was left of the 90 minutes. The match went to extra time, but there were no goals in the additional 30 minutes played.

HKane | Twitter

After two hours of game time, both teams began to prepare for a penalty shootout, as fans around Europe and beyond held their breath.

@lance.mcmillan | Instagram

It was the Italians who dominated the shootout, defeating England 3-2 on penalties and taking the trophy back home to Rome.

England | Twitter

Three of England's players missed their respective penalty shots. The trio, who are all Black, have since become the targets of racial abuse online.

On the other end of the field, the elated Italian team celebrated their hard-earned victory with fans at Wembley.

At just 19 years old, England's Bukayo Saka was understandably heartbroken when he missed the final shot. He was later seen being comforted by the team's manager Gareth Southgate, whose own penalty miss in the 1996 Euros sent England out in the semi-final.

After 34 games unbeaten, the Italian national team will be heading home with a pretty shiny trophy (and maybe a post-celebration hangover!). Congratulazioni Italia!

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