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These 13 IKEA Canada Hacks Are Perfect For Giving Your Old Furniture A Second Life

You can turn your old cabinets into beehives! ūüźĚ

These 13 IKEA Canada Hacks Are Perfect For Giving Old Furniture A Second Life

Everybody loves bringing home way too much stuff from an IKEA trip, but what happens when you need to replace your old furniture with new furniture?

Luckily, the furniture giant has its own set of IKEA Canada hacks that can transform your cabinets and dressers and salad bowls into beehives, birdhouses and terrariums ‚ÄĒ all in the name of sustainability.

There are 13 hacks in total, assembled under the name "Repurposeful Instructions," each with its own classic IKEA instruction booklets.

The projects are ranked from "beginner" to "advanced," and beginner hacks include turning candle holders into plant pots and hot plates into wall-hanging cork boards. There are four "intermediate" projects, including turning the iconic blue IKEA bags into plant holders and a curtain rod into a painting easel.

Finally, the two "advanced" projects feature two 10-step instruction booklets showing you how to turn a cabinet into a full-blown beehive and how to drill into a salad bowl and attach an Allen key to create your own birdhouse!

"With the launch of Repurposeful Instructions, IKEA wants to help breathe new life into old furniture that might otherwise end up in the landfill," the company's website reads.

And sure ‚ÄĒ building an IKEA cabinet is hard enough as it is, let alone converting it into a beehive. But while it might be easier to chuck out an old dresser, the bees will thank you for your hard work!

IKEA is opening new locations in Ontario following the success of its Oshawa Design Studio, which opened last month.

According to IKEA Canada, three new Design Studio locations will open in Brampton at 25 Peel Centre Dr., St. Catharines at 221 Glendale Ave., and London at 1680 Richmond St. N.

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IKEA Canada launched its first design studio in Oshawa earlier this month, and now people in the GTA will have one more spot to get their Swedish furniture fix.

The design studio will allow customers to order "complex home furnishing systems for the kitchen, bath, bedroom and living room by scheduling one-on-one planning sessions with a trained IKEA design expert or via a self-service planning station in a dedicated studio space," according to a press release.

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IKEA Canada Wants To Buy Back Your Old Furniture & They'll Give You Store Credit

The company wants to become more environment friendly. ūüĆć

Interior designers rejoice! IKEA Canada wants to buy back your gently used furniture and will offer up to double the sell-back value via in-store credit.  

In a press release on Tuesday, the company confirmed that the new change is an attempt to tackle waste while promoting sustainable living.

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Don't let the date on the calendar fool you because as what many rearview mirror labels say, 'things may be further than they appear'... or something along those lines. Yes, the holidays are coming up and yes, it may not seem very near but in actuality you really have a little over a month left to get all your loved ones something for the upcoming holiday season. As you know, shopping itself just isn't for many people so you can imagine the stress around this season when the Christmas pandemonium begins and the craziness gets even craziness. But then again, thank God for online shopping, amirite? It gives me comfort of knowing that someone was smart enough to allow shoppers and non shoppers the privilege of being able to shop in the comfort of your own home.

So for those of you who want to skip the pandemonium this Christmas and save a few dollah dollah billz, here are a few online shopping hacks that you'll thank me for later (to which I say no problem in advance).

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