6 Big Store Brands That Have Huge Plans To Expand In Canada In 2021

Prepare to see a lot more of these stores in your nearest mall! 🛍

6 Big Store Brands That Have Huge Plans To Expand In Canada In 2021
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6 Big Store Brands That Have Huge Plans To Expand In Canada ...

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and related factors, more and more big store brands in Canada have been shutting down storefronts and closing their doors permanently.

However, that doesn't mean other stores aren't planning expansions. In fact, several well-known brands have already announced big goals to grow across Canada before the year is through.

In fact, all of these companies have confirmed plans to expand across the country — with some set to open hundreds of brand new locations!


In March 2021, Dollarama revealed that it has giant plans for expansion across Canada over the next decade.

In fact, the company is set to open a whopping 700 new locations by 2031, up from the current total of 1,356.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the company says there's "continued relevance" in its stores and that there's space to expand further.

With that in mind, you shouldn't be too surprised if a brand new Dollarama location pops up near you before the year is through.

Sephora Canada

Beauty product lovers rejoice! Sephora Canada has confirmed plans to expand across the country over the next three years, starting in 2021.

This year alone, eight new locations are set to open their doors, with an additional 42 new stores planned before 2025.

In particular, the beauty retailer wants to move into vacant stores in Canadian malls, to make their products as accessible as possible for shoppers.

Giant Tiger

Discount retailer Giant Tiger revealed in May 2021 that it's "working towards" increasing its store count to 300, with new locations expected to pop up all over the country.

Set dates and specific locations are yet to be revealed, as the company's CEO and president previously told Narcity that the goals are "dictated by opportunity — not trying to hit a specific target."

That said, the retailer confirmed that it is looking for "opportunities where Canadians are, and Giant Tiger is not."

Forever 21

Despite shuttering all of its Canadian locations in 2019, fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 announced in 2021 that it would be returning to Canada.

The expansion is set to be led by Toronto-based YM Inc., which took over many of the company's old leases to operate stores like Urban Planet, Urban Behaviour and Stitches.

While the exact number of new stores is yet to be confirmed, agreements have reportedly already been made for Metropolis at Metrotown near Vancouver and Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario.


This U.S. outdoor retailer grew by 100% in 2020, according to a report from Retail Insider, prompting it to expand in 2021.

This year alone, four more Canadian locations are set to open as the company ramps up its Canadian expansion.

The new stores will open in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Halifax, with more even potential stores possible in the near future, too.

Farm Boy

Before 2021 is over, Farm Boy has big expansion plans for one province in particular.

The grocery store will add seven locations in Ontario alone this year, including the store at Front and Bathurst in Toronto that opened in January.

Toronto, Oakville and Ottawa, among others, will all get new stores in the near future, too.

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