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7 Things You Might Be Doing At McDonald's In Canada That Are Making The Employees Hate You

Don't become the Golden Arch-nemesis.

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A McDonald's Canada sign. Right: Someone ordering food at a McDonald's counter.

A McDonald's Canada sign. Right: Someone ordering food at a McDonald's counter.

There's no doubt that McDonald's Canada is one of the most popular fast food chains in the country.

And with such popularity comes a lot of customer interactions for the employees, all of a different quality.

You might be simply placing an order or maybe you're actively looking for a way to beat the system. But what you might not realize is that the McDonald's staff notice much more than you think they do.

Narcity sat down with former McDonald's Canada cashier Mac* to get the lowdown on what you might be doing at the Golden Arches that is actually making the employees think "I'm really not loving it."

Not knowing what you want

A big pet peeve that Mac mentions is something a lot of people in the service industry likely share: When people don't have their order ready when they get to the cashier.

"It's so ridiculously common," he said.

He said it's especially annoying when people are on their phones or texting in line, instead of figuring out what they or their kids want.

"When they get to the cash register, everybody starts talking at once," said Mac. "It sometimes takes minutes to figure out what they're gonna order."

Doing the "fries without salt" trick

If you're unfamiliar with it, this was a popular "hack" going around where you ask for fries with no salt so that the employee has to make you a fresh, new batch of fries.

Mac said this doesn't make sense on two counts.

"Why would you want fries without salt?" he asked.

He also mentioned that fries are so popular at McDonald's in Canada that they're pretty much always fresh.

"People are always ordering them so you're not getting stale fries."

Not treating the workers like people

The person behind the counter is exactly that: a person. And treating them like a food dispensing machine is just not the move.

"A surprising amount of people walk up, don't look you in the eye and just say 'cheeseburger,'" explained Mac.

"Say 'hello,' say 'thanks.' It's not that hard."

Being too chatty

Of course, there's a flipside. If there's a big line behind you, maybe don't start talking the cashier's ear off.

"If there's a giant line and you're making chit-chat with the cashier, that's also annoying," said Mac.

So, keep things, curt, polite and to the point when making your Mickey D's order.

Asking for silly refunds

At the end of the day, McDonald's food is what it is, whether you love it or hate it. And, asking for a refund because it doesn't compare to other burgers just isn't the way to go.

"I once had someone return a normal hamburger because it was too greasy," said Mac.

If a customer puts up enough of a stink, they are sometimes eligible to get a refund, but Mac did add that it "is highly embarrassing to take issue with the quality of food at McDonald's."

Sure, it's an easy way to save $2 — if you have no shame, he adds.

Asking for a lot of substitutions

If you want a Big Mac with extra sauce and bacon, but no chicken and served in a milkshake, just don't order it.

"You're at McDonald's, just get the burger," said Mac. "Some people would have big, long lists of requirements for the food they were about to eat."

So, while you might want this unique burger concoction you made up, it's going to be annoying to the worker you're ordering from.

Accusing the workers of being a part of an ice cream machine conspiracy

Have you ever felt like the ice cream machine is always broken when you want it the most?

There are multiple theories behind it, with some suggesting that it's just something the workers say because the machine is annoying to clean.

However, while he hasn't experienced it firsthand, Mac ascribes to the explanation that the machine is truly broken and is just a pain to get someone to fix.

"There's one [company] who can repair them and they're super overbooked," says Mac, who says he saw this in a video online. "So it sometimes takes forever to get a repairman out."

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality. Narcity has verified their identity.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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