A Toronto Casting Call Will Pay You $1,500 To Promote & Eat McDonald's On TikTok

Best gig ever?

A Toronto McDonald's. Right: The CN Tower.

A Toronto McDonald's. Right: The CN Tower.

Are you an avid TikToker and fast-food lover looking for sponsors? Well, your dream Toronto casting call is now accepting applications.

Jigsaw Casting is looking for people ages 18 to 24 with experience posting on TikTok to partner with McDonald's for digital spots across Canada.

"The goal is to have a pool of already approved talent that we can call on short notice. The idea is to get a pool of 30 talents that we can get client approved now, so it's a go-to roster for incoming one-off social requests," the agency states.

Submissions are being accepted from all genders, body types and races, emphasizing those with animated expressions, personality, humour and the ability to take direction.

"Ability to take a concept and bring it into their world while still having it feel like McDonald's," it adds. "'Come as you are' ability to act without feeling too scripted or forced."

If you book the gig, you will be paid $1,500, with a strong potential for you to be hired again.

The non-union campaign is set to take place sometime between August and December 2022. It may require you to undergo background, criminal and social checks as talent will likely become an ambassador for the brand.

You'll also be required to eat various McDonald's products, so the casting agency is discouraging anyone with food allergies from applying for the job.

If you or anyone you know is interested in applying, you'll need to do so before 9:00 a.m. on August 5, 2022.

McDonald's Social Project

Salary: $1,500

Company: McDonald's

Who Should Apply: People ages 18 to 24 with experience posting on TikTok

Apply Here

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.