8 Hidden Swimming Holes In Canada With Stunning Blue Water Where You Can Float The Day Away

Take a refreshing dip at one of these scenic spots. 🏊

A woman stands in front of a swimming hole in B.C. Right: A woman sits on a rock in front of a quarry in Quebec.​

A woman stands in front of a swimming hole in B.C. Right: A woman sits on a rock in front of a quarry in Quebec.

Feel like taking a dip, anyone? Canada is home to tons of hidden swimming holes and secluded quarries that make for the perfect way to spend a summer day.

Whether you're on the west coast, in the Prairies or in central Canada, there are so many spots offering stunning views and bright blue water that are sure to be especially refreshing when temperatures soar.

Grab a pool floaty, put on plenty of sunscreen and get ready to splash around in one of these eight dreamy swimming holes across the country.

Horseshoe Lake

Price: $10.50 per adult

Location: Jasper, AB

Why You Need To Go: Located in Jasper National Park, Horseshoe Lake is a popular place to swim with clear turquoise blue water and a picturesque location between towering trees and cliffs.

While it's a great place for swimming, hiking and even having a picnic, Parks Canada warns against cliff jumping here.


Katherine Cove

Price: $10.84+ per vehicle

Location: Algoma, ON

Why You Need To Go: Katherine Cove in Lake Superior Provincial Park might be one of Ontario's best-kept secrets. Here, you'll find Bathtub Island, a shallow, natural basin that warms up quickly in the summer and is perfect for a nice dip.

Surrounding the "bathtub" are more refreshing, cooler waters, as well as a beach area with stunning white sand.


Elora Quarry

Price: $10.50 per adult, $15 vehicle permit

Location: 319 Wellington County Rd. 18, Elora, ON

Why You Need To Go: While it might be less of a "secret" these days, the Elora Quarry is truly a hidden gem in Ontario as a swimming hole with aqua-blue water situated between 40-foot limestone cliffs.

The beautiful quarry is a great spot to bring a floaty and spend the day, and you can also walk through the charming town of Elora and visit the Elora Gorge while you're there.


Little Manitou Lake

Price: Free for day use

Location: Manitou Beach, SK

Why You Need To Go: You can float your troubles away at this spot often called "Canada's Dead Sea."

Little Manitou Lake is a saltwater lake with "properties similar to that of the Dead Sea in Jordan," making it very easy to float. In fact, the lake has been called an "unsinkable experience!"


Kinsmen Lake

Price: $7 per adult

Address: 166 Main St., Stonewall, MB

Why You Need To Go: Located in Stonewall Quarry Park, Kinsmen Lake is a man-made lake on the site of a former limestone quarry not far from Winnipeg.

The popular swimming spot has a beach with white sand and water that is so blue it almost makes the area look tropical!


Steep Rock

Price: $6 for vehicle and driver, $3 per additional person

Address: NW 2-29-10W, Steep Rock, MB

Why You Need To Go: You'll find breathtaking limestone cliffs and rock formations at Steep Rock Beach in Manitoba, some of which have been turned into caves from years of water erosion.

The area has tons of private beaches and secluded coves where you can swim in shallow, crystal-clear water.


Lynn Canyon Park

Price: Free admission, paid parking

Address: 3663 Park Rd., North Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: This hidden swimming spot in Lynn Canyon Park is a 30-foot pool with crystal-clear, blue-green water that makes for a super refreshing soak on a hot day.

The pool can be found on the way to the Pipe Bridge and is close to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, where you can take in views of the canyon and waterfalls below.


Morrison's Quarry

Price: $20 per adult

Location: 1780 Route 105, Chelsea, QC

Why You Need To Go: This stunning quarry in Chelsea has incredible bright blue water that makes the area look like it doesn't belong in Canada.

The scenic swimming hole is nestled between white cliffs, and if you look down, you'll see purposely sunken wrecks used for scuba diving training that make the quarry look even more magical.


Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Katherine Caspersz
Katherine Caspersz is a Creator for Narcity Media focused on evergreen travel and things to do, and is based in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario.