elora gorge

Feel like taking a dip, anyone? Canada is home to tons of hidden swimming holes and secluded quarries that make for the perfect way to spend a summer day.

Whether you're on the west coast, in the Prairies or in central Canada, there are so many spots offering stunning views and bright blue water that are sure to be especially refreshing when temperatures soar.

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Tobermory has become one of the most popular destinations in Ontario in recent years. The cozy town, which sits a the edge of the gorgeous Bruce Peninsula, is brimming with natural wonder and history — Indian Head Cove, Cyprus Lake Grotto, Flowerpot Island and the shipwrecks of Big Tub Harbour are just a few of the countless attractions to be explored there.

Most road trippers from Toronto make a straight journey without any stops. But those seeking a more fulfilling trip should consider visiting some of the cool provincial sites along the way. Here's a guide of the coolest road trip you'll ever go on from Toronto to Tobermory:

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Ziplining is undoubtedly fun in the summer, but have you ever tried going during the winter?

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