A Canadian Is The Current 'Jeopardy!' Champion & She's Already Won Over $70K (VIDEO)

"My student loans are paid off!"

Mattea Roach on her second day win. Right: Roach reacting to her win.

Mattea Roach on her second day win. Right: Roach reacting to her win.

Who is a Canadian giving her country some pride on a gameshow?

Gameshow fans are likely well aware, but Canadian Mattea Roach is the current Jeopardy! champion after having won two days in a row and accruing a whopping $70,801.

The Toronto-based tutor, who hails from Nova Scotia, first appeared on the show on April 5 — which was actually filmed months ago.

Roach beat the competition in Final Jeopardy, correctly answering a question about the board game "Life" and winning $32,001.

"My student loans are paid off!" she said o interim host Mayim Bialik, in a video posted to the show's social media.

"I'm hoping to go back to school, so like there will be more," joked the 23 year old. "But, now I start from zero."

Like with all Jeopardy! winners, Roach came back the next day as the episode's returning champion.

During that April 6 show, she again trounced her competition, going into the show's final question with $28,800 to both of her opponents' $2,200. That's what happens when you answer 35 out of the 60 show's questions correctly!

Add the fact that she was the only person who got the Final Jeopardy question correct, and you get one Jeopardy! contestant making a whole nation proud.

For the unfamiliar, Jeopardy! is an American trivia gameshow where contestants buzz in to answer clues in the form of a question. There are three rounds in each episode, two multi-question rounds called Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy, and a single question round called Final Jeopardy.

"There are a lot of times in my life where I've asked 'how did I get here?'" Roach told the host, explaining a tattoo she has. "Including, especially, like right now."

Canadians will be able to see Roach on their screens again on Thursday, April 7, and watch her go for a three-day streak to win even more money.

Tristan Wheeler
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