Canadian 'Jeopardy!' Winner Mattea Roach Dished On The Secrets To Success & Her Strategies

She called the whole thing "a magical, surreal experience."

Mattea Roach as she won her fourth day. Right: Roach discussing her roots in Canada.

Mattea Roach as she won her fourth day. Right: Roach discussing her roots in Canada.

In case you missed it, Nova Scotia-born Mattea Roach has been ripping it up on Jeopardy! for the last week.

If you've wanted a peek behind the curtain of how a Jeopardy!contestant thinks, Roach has been doing a play-by-play analysis of her appearances on the show.

"Well, I secured the bag," tweeted Roach in reference to her win on Friday, April 8, when she locked down "an additional $24,200, Tournament of Champions eligibility [and] a return trip to Los Angeles."

Roach has been on a stellar run on the show, having racked up a sweet US$104,600 so far after winning four straight games as of April 8, which qualifies her for a chance to be on the year-end Tournament of Champions.

For the unfamiliar, Jeopardy! is a trivia game show played in three rounds — two multi-question rounds and one single-question round where contestants bet their earnings after seeing only the question category.

For the familiar? Well, Roach did an amazing job of breaking down her thought process behind big strategic decisions during the game on Twitter the next day.

She was quick to explain why she bet the way she did in the game's Final Jeopardy! round.

"I didn't want to give up the symbolic value of being a six-figure winner either in the event that FJ turned out to be something out of my wheelhouse," explained the game show champion. "So, small wager!"

She also talked about why she chose to buzz in on questions or not on Twitter. It's a wealth of knowledge for people who want to learn more about what it's like to actually compete on the show.

And finally, Roach says that being on the show has been a "just a magical, surreal, experience from top to bottom," and that folks at home are going to have to wait to see how she does in the next episode on Monday, April 11.

Canada will be cheering you on, Mattea!

Tristan Wheeler
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