'Jeopardy!' Champ Mattea Roach Gave Her 'Favourite Place In Canada' A Huge Shoutout (VIDEO)

"Canadians are swelling with pride right now"

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Mattea Roach reaction to winning. Right Mattea Roach smiling.

Mattea Roach reaction to winning. Right Mattea Roach smiling.

Current Canadian Jeopardy! champion, Mattea Roach, just dished to the entire world what her favourite place in Canada is — and it looks breathtaking.

In an episode which aired on May 5, the tutor from Nova Scotia shouted out Cape Breton Highlands National Park, before securing her 23rd consecutive win on the show.

"My mom grew up about a 10-minute drive from the entrance of this national park in Ingonish and my grandparents still live there so I've been lucky enough to visit the beautiful, beautiful scenery there at least once a year, pretty much my whole life," Roach told host Ken Jennings.

It's no wonder she highlighted the special spot, given how stunning it is!

Jennings replied: "Canadians are swelling with pride right now that they hear you talk about the beautiful scenery of the Atlantic provinces."

Roach has been making her way far into the Jeopardy! competition and has already won thousands of dollars from it.

Roach's 22-day cashing winnings totalled $534,984! The recent episode also said that she was in fifth place for consecutive games won, and for total money won in regular-season play.

The final category in the most recent episode was "20th Century Cinema" and the clue was "'A black and white newsreel in this film begins: 'In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree.'"

Roach quickly filled out her response and had a nervous look on her face.

"What is Citizen Kane? (If this is it, thanks for the fun!)," Roach wrote in her response.

To her delight, the answer was correct and she got to move on further into the competition! It added 12,999 to her winnings for the night — bringing it to $25,999.

The big win brought her 23-day total to a hefty $560,983.

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