'Jeopardy!' Champ Mattea Roach Got Another Canada Clue & It's A Throwback To Elementary School

Her correct response brought her total winnings to over CA$600,000! 🤑🇨🇦

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​Canadian Jeopardy! champion Mattea Roach during the game that aired on May 3.

Canadian Jeopardy! champion Mattea Roach during the game that aired on May 3.

The current Jeopardy! champion is Canadian Mattea Roach and she knew this clue about Canada that was a throwback to the days of singing the national anthem in elementary school!

In the episode that aired on May 3, the Toronto tutor who is from Nova Scotia secured her 21st consecutive win on the iconic game show with a response during Final Jeopardy! that was very Canadian.

The final category was "National Anthems" and the clue was "'Terre de nos aïeux' follows the title in the French version of this anthem."

After only a few seconds of the 30-second time limit for the round, Roach had finished writing down her response and put her pen away with a flourish.

The third-place contestant didn't give the correct response but the second-place contestant did.

Then it turned to Roach to see if her response and her wager would win her yet another game.

"As we come to our Canadian champion, I should point out the Final Jeopardy! clues are written weeks or months in advance and randomly selected so we never know when they're going to land," host Ken Jennings said before her response was revealed.

"But I have to think Mattea might know some of the lyrics to 'O Canada,'" he continued.

Of course, she did know the French and English lyrics and gave the correct response, bringing her winnings for that night's game up to $29,599 and getting her the win.

If you sang the anthem in English and French in elementary school or high school then you probably knew it too.

Roach's 21-day total on Jeopardy! is a massive US$506,584 which is more than CA$649,000!

During an episode that aired just a week before this, Roach got another clue about Canada and it was really something that all Canadians should know.

The Daily Double clue was about the Atlantic provinces that start with "n" and she gave the right response after a short pause.

Roach has the longest winning streak of any Canadian on the show and she's currently in fifth place for the longest Jeopardy! winning streak ever!

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