Canadian 'Jeopardy!' Star Mattea Roach Won Over $117K & Had A Sweet Message For Viewers (VIDEO)

She wrote the message during Final Jeopardy.

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Mattea Roach with her latest winnings of US$117,200. Right: Roach in shock from a previous episode.

Mattea Roach with her latest winnings of US$117,200. Right: Roach in shock from a previous episode.

A Canadian Jeopardy! contestant is now on a five-day winning streak and she even wrote a little note shouting out her incredible run on the show during April 11's episode.

The Nova Scotia-born contestant Mattea Roach wrote a message during the game's ultimate round, Final Jeopardy.

Using the pen that players use to write down their answers, Roach wrote "If I lose, I had fun! Thanks all!" below her answer.

And, wouldn't you know it, she didn't lose.

She was the only one to get the final question correct. "I knew it immediately," said Roach.

Her correct response moved her total winnings up to US$117,200, which is just over CA$147,000, and turned her streak into a five-day one.

Roach has been ripping it up on the Jeopardy! stage since her first appearance on April 5 when she joked that she was finally able to pay off her student loans.

Not only has she won a stellar amount of cash for any 23-year-old, but her five wins also qualify her for the show's annual Tournament of Champions episode, which pits all the top players of the year against each other.

If you're not up on your gameshow knowledge, Jeopardy! is a trivia game show with two multi-question rounds and a final single-question round.

Contestants gain money for correct responses and the player with the most money at the end of the episode wins and returns for the next one.

If you're a lover of the show and want to better understand the inner workings of how a Jeopardy! contestant plays, Roach has also taken to Twitter doing a play-by-play of her games, as each week's episode is filmed months in advance.

The Toronto-based tutor will be continuing her champion run on the game show tonight, April 12, where she will be competing to win her sixth game.

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