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8 Super Cheap Stores With Big Bargains In Ontario That Aren't Dollarama

Where to get the most for your money! 🛍️
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Affordable Stores In Ontario Stores That Aren’t Dollarama

Do you want to go shopping without breaking the bank? There are tons of affordable places to bargain hunt that aren't Dollarama in Ontario

If you haven't already, it is time to get to know other shops loaded with items you can get for a toonie. Inside stores like Oomono, the prices are ultra-low, so there is no need to wait for a massive sale.

These are some of the best places to find eye-catching products for an affordable price:

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Details: They carry over 2,000 ultra-low priced items on home goods, beauty products, and electronics. If you shop online, Mumuso offers free shipping in Ontario on orders over $50.

Sukoshi Mart

Details: If you want to get your hands on Japanese and Korean skincare products, adorable accessories or yummy snacks, you'll find a massive selection at this shop. For under $10, you can find so many affordable steals.


Details: Head to this Japanese store to stock up on stylish finds for your kitchen. You can get bowls, mugs and plates, all for under $3.

Your Dollar Store With More

Details: If you are searching for an alternative to Dollarama, this dollar store has a wide selection of products.


Details: It is a one-stop-shop for everything you want. They sell home goods, electronics, fitness gear, toys for your pet and more.

Dollar Tree

Details: Inside, you'll be shocked by how many different things you can get for only $1.25

Giant Tiger

Details: You can find items for your home like small appliances, curtains and bedding that look like they should cost double the price.


Details: There is a reason this store is a staple for when you first move out; they carry so many cheap items for your home. But it isn't all affordable bookcases and sofas — don't overlook the cheap plants, bathroom products and photo frames.


Details: If you love IKEA, you'll want to check out this shop that specializes in budget-friendly Scandinavian-inspired home goods.

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