Almost 40% Of Canadians Want To Work Less & Are Willing To Take A Pay Cut To Do So

And 42% don't miss their colleagues. 😬

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Almost 40% Of Canadians Want To Work Less & Are Willing To Take A Pay Cut To Do So

When it comes to striking that perfect work-life balance, it looks like some Canadians would prefer to make a few changes to their current situation.

In a poll released by Ipsos on December 26, the data shows that four in 10 workers would be totally fine with earning 20% less if it meant they could work 20% fewer hours than they currently do.

In terms of demographics, those aged 18-34 are most likely to feel this way at 49%, followed by those aged 35-54 at 35% and 55+ at 34%.

That being said, 64% of working Canadians either strongly or somewhat agree that their work-life balance improved in 2021.

Overall, 88% of people who work from home said that they enjoyed working from home more often this year.

And while the majority of people say they miss seeing their colleagues in real life, 42% apparently don’t. So much for that water cooler chit-chat — yikes!

When it comes to what people are thinking for 2022, half of Canadians agree that they expect they'll be returning to the office on a regular basis, while 50% disagree.

But the majority of people do not want to return to the office on a regular basis, with 44% of people actually wanting to.

In 2021, only 7% of workers returned to working at the office. As well, 6% of people lost a job and 4% of people picked up a second or third job.

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Sarah Rohoman
Senior Staff Writer
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