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The Atlanta skyline.

The Atlanta skyline.

Every year, Atlanta sees a stream of visitors who have flocked to The Big Peach for its rich culture, affordable hotels, and star-studded bars and restaurants, but you could end up making classic tourist mistakes if you aren't careful.

One local influencer wants to help visitors avoid embarrassment, and undesirable situations by laying down some "ground rules" for their time in the city because nothing is worse than wasting your hard-earned vacation time in traffic or long lines in the heat.

From overrated restaurants to celebrity faux pas, here are some things best avoided during your stay according to Atlanta TikTok comedian @TheClassiiics.

Don't expect your friends to hang out on weekdays. 

Atlanta is full of hardworking people. Sometimes on vacation it's easy to forget that your friends and loved ones still have daily obligations. "90% of us work Monday through Friday, so if you pop in on a weekday, don't expect to see much of us, unless you're in our house," he explains.

It's worth paying them a visit instead of assuming they will come to you.

Don't go to The Varsity.

The Varsity is one of downtown's most popular restaurants with tourists, especially during baseball season, but not many true locals actually frequent.

"If by some way, shape, form, or fashion someone suggested going to The Varsity, unlearn that right now. Nobody in Atlanta or surrounding cities ever wakes up and [says] 'you know what, maybe I'll take me and the kids to the Varsity today.' Absolutely not," the TikTok creator explains.

Don't make plans during rush hour traffic.

It's no secret that Atlanta traffic can be absolutely brutal. Nothing can kill a vacation mood like sitting bumper to bumper on the freeway. "Starting at 2:30 p.m. on Friday to 8:30 p.m. we will not be going anywhere. Ask somebody who lives here why," the Atlanta resident explains.

Ask your friends to take you to Magic City.

This adult entertainment club is iconic in pop culture, but most Atlanta residents aren't interested in going EVERY time a friend is in town. "We do not want to take you to Magic City" he quips, "we went, we saw, we conquered years ago. Go by yourself. Have at it."

Don't assume your friends know famous rappers. 

Metro Atlanta is known for being the home of many famous rappers. That being said, Atlanta's neighborhoods are spread out. While celebrities are spotted out on the town frequently, don't expect your friends to know them personally.

Avoid "Celebrity Restaurants".

There's no shortage of "celebrity restaurants" that gained popularity for being featured on reality TV shows. But visiting during peak hours pretty much guarantees long lines and inflated prices that may not be worth the visit. Locals don't hold back when it comes to their opinions on restaurants made famous by reality stars.

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