This Viral Video Reveals How Chick-fil-A Makes Their Lemonade & TikTok Is Freaking Out

"I’ve been bamboozled"

​A Chick-fil-A storefront. Right: Splenda going into a bucket of Chick-fil-A lemon juice.
Georgia Contributing Writer

A Chick-fil-A storefront. Right: Splenda going into a bucket of Chick-fil-A lemon juice.

Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chicken chain based out of Georgia, has been ranked as one of the top restaurants across the country for eight consecutive years. They specialize in providing quality customer service and serving fan-favorite menu items such as their original chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and specialty lemonades.

But recently, a viral video has been having TikTok users questioning the quality of the "fresh" lemonade served daily to customers all over the country.

Content creator and former Chick-fil-A employee @slimeball.ceey, from Charlotte, NC, posted a 45-second clip on October 3 revealing how the diet lemonade drink is actually made in the back of house, with the caption "now yk (you know)" and added a shrugging emoji.

In the recording, the man cuts open a plastic bag labeled "lemon juice with pulp" and mixes it in a whisk with water and a large package of Splenda, an artificial sweetener.


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The recipe, which is seemingly straightforward, grabbed the attention of thousands. The short clip accumulated nearly 4 million views and more than 350,000 likes in a matter of weeks.

The ongoing theme of the comment section is customers and former Chick-fil-A employees feeling shocked that the lemonade is no longer made by squeezing fresh lemons, like , they say, it used to be.

The comment section on @slimeball.ceey TikTok video.The comment section on @slimeball.ceey TikTok video.@slimeball.ceey | TikTok

"And here I though you guys were squeezing lemons back there," one comment with 23,700 likes says.

"You are lucky! Years ago we use to squeeze the lemons, I was that person! Y’all have it easy now. It tasted better back then," another user shared.

The online Chick-fil-A menu specifies that their diet lemonade is made using only three ingredients: water, Splenda, and "real lemon juice - not from concentrate."

While the label on the bag indicates they use lemon juice with pulp from a distribution center, many assumed the product was still made with freshly squeezed citrus.

The top comment on the video is from the creator, who claims he was fired shortly after posting the video revealing the process behind their specialty menu item.

Narcity reached out to the video's creator for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publishing.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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