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Birth Control Recall Issued In Canada Due To A Mistaken Placebo Pill In The Packaging

If you've got the wrong pill, Health Canada advises you head back to the pharmacy and replace the package!

Birth Control Recall Issued In Canada Due To Mistaken Placebo Pill In The Packaging

Health Canada has issued a recall for one lot of Mirvala 28 birth control because some packs may contain an extra placebo pill.

In a statement issued late on Thursday, September 30, Health Canada said that the results of taking a placebo in place of an active pill could result in a pregnancy and other side effects such as spotting and irregular bleeding.

The issue has affected one lot of blister packs. If you have one of the packages with an extra green (placebo) pill in place of a white (active) pill, you can return it to your pharmacy for a replacement.

If you can't get to a pharmacy immediately, the health agency recommends taking the next active (white) pill instead, rather than missing an active pill or taking a placebo in its place.

If you have already missed an active pill, have no more of them, or are unsure, the recall says you should use a non-hormonal method of birth control (a condom, for example) and get in touch with a health care professional.

If your pack has the correct number and order of placebo and active pills, you don't need to return anything.

Multiple recalls have been issued in Canada over the past few weeks, including some for frozen chicken, salad kits and more.

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