Brian Laundrie Was Confirmed Dead & Gabby Petito's Case Is Still A Mystery

We may never get the full story of blogger Gabby Petito's death because police say her fiance is now dead, too.

The FBI says the human remains they found at a Florida campsite on Wednesday belong to Brian Laundrie, Petito's fiance and a "person of interest" in her strangling death.

Laundrie's parents helped police search the camp and they ended up finding bones, a backpack and a notebook in a spot that had previously been flooded, KUTV reports.

The FBI said Thursday that the remains "are those of Brian Laundrie," based on dental records.

It's a frustrating end to a case that some people have been obsessed with since early September.

Laundrie, 23, and Petito, 22, set out on a cross-country road trip in their van over the summer, stopping at various national parks along the way.

They posted a ton of pictures on Instagram and framed the trip as a super romantic adventure.

But video later released by police shows things weren't going so well between the couple after officers interrupted an argument in Arches National Park in mid-August.

Police let them off with a warning and the timeline gets hazy until September 1, when Laundrie suddenly showed up at his parents' home in Florida. He had the van but he didn't have Gabby, and he wouldn't talk to her family or police about it.

She was declared missing, he refused to talk and then he suddenly disappeared on September 13, just as speculation started to ramp up that he'd killed her.

Police then found Gabby Petito's body in a Wyoming park and ruled it a homicide.

Authorities haven't said that Laundrie killed Petito at this point, and the case will likely never go to court because they're both dead.

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