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A Calgary Restaurant Got Its Business Licence Suspended For Ignoring COVID-19 Restrictions

They were also issued a total of 27 tickets.

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A Calgary Restaurant Got Its Business Licence Suspended For Ignoring COVID-19 Restrictions

A Calgary restaurant is in hot water with local officials after blatantly ignoring COVID-19 restrictions that are currently in place in the city.

According to a press release on Thursday, October 7, the City of Calgary is officially suspending the business licence for Without Papers Pizza after it openly defied the city's bylaw, which mandates proof of vaccination for places like restaurants.

"We have received many complaints and inquiries about Without Papers Pizza. The operators of this business have publicly shared their intent not to follow city bylaws or comply with public health orders. This cannot stand," a news release from the city reads.

Without Papers Pizza had posted on social media on September 22 saying: "We accept all, may they be vaccinated or unvaccinated, as being equal in their humanity and afforded the same dignity and equity as such. We respect that the individual has decided in accordance to their situation and allow that individual the right to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. We will not be in compliance of The City of Calgary Bylaw 65M2021."

The city introduced its vaccine passport bylaw just days after the province introduced its version of a vaccine passport called the Restrictions Exemption Program, which allowed businesses to choose whether or not they would take part.

Over the last week, Without Papers Pizza has also had its liquor licence revoked by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis, and Alberta Health Services (AHS) revoked its food handling permits due to its "willful non-compliance."

City business license inspectors have also issued a total of 27 tickets to the pizza place for "refusal to check for proof of vaccination or a valid alternative, failure to display signage; and operating while its business licence is suspended."

"Please be assured that, when significant risk is identified, or we see continued non-compliance, we will resort to enforcement action. We will not hesitate to address businesses who put their customers and staff at risk by not following city bylaws, business licence requirements, public health orders and AHS guidelines," the city's statement said.

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