An Alberta Stripper Shared How Much She Made In A Night & TikTokers Are Surprised (VIDEO)

She got real about the job!

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Hanna talking about the money she earnt as a stripper in Alberta on TikTok.

Hanna talking about the money she earnt as a stripper in Alberta on TikTok.

A stripper in Alberta shared how much she earned in one night on TikTok and people were shocked at the amount.

Tiktoker @hannamaryjayne, a stripper in Alberta, said she made the video because she was tired of other people "saying they made $2,000 a night."

"This is a real Canadian strip club edition on a Saturday night," she added.


tonight gave NOTHING. i probably will spend more on the tow fees than what i made 😢 #fyp

As the video goes on, Hanna shares how quiet the night has been with regular updates on the number of customers she's had. She also finds out that her car was towed so she has to get an Uber home.

At the end of the night, she revealed how much she made during the slow shift.

"It was so dead. I wanted to cry. But this is what I made — I made $24 in American singles, $45 in fives and $120. Tonight didn't give at all," she said.

"I probably will spend more on the tow fees than what I made," she said in the video caption.

Hanna told Narcity she usually leaves the club with between $300 and $1,700.

"It really ranges depending on the type of crowd, how many girls are on and how many people are at the club," she said.

People in the comments were shocked by the amount.

"Struggle, especially with inflation in Canada. Nobody can afford to go out! So expensive to go out for food and drinks," one person commented.

Others said there was way more money to be made dancing in provinces like Ontario.

"In Ontario, my Saturday would be $3,000 CAD and like $1,500 USD," a commenter said.

However, others said the situation was similar.

"I was a dancer for a decade in Ontario. We had great nights and awful nights. Some nights $1,500, some nights $40," they said.

Another added, "been there done that. Money was so bad I went back to a 9-5."

"I feel like you'd make more as a server than this," another TikToker said.


Replying to @Qui 🦁 thank you for coming to my TED talk🫶🏼 #fyp #skripper #skriptok

However, in a separate video, Hanna said she doesn't find these comments helpful as the TikTok was filmed on a slow night and "every industry has nights like that."

"I've made more money dancing than I ever have in the club industry, when I was a bottle girl, when I was a bartender, when I was a server, so I'm not with it — and I only worked four hours for $180," she said.

"I'll stick with the $180 nights because it's really not that often," she added.

Luckily, one of Hanna's customers paid her tow fees so the night wasn't a complete bust.

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Calgary Staff Writer
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