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The Alberta Weather Forecast Is Calling For 'Tennis Ball-Sized' Hail & A Tornado Threat

There is a risk for tornadoes in Calgary and Edmonton.

Calgary Staff Writer
Calgary in a storm.

Calgary in a storm.

If you were thrilled that lovely summer weather had finally arrived in Alberta, think again. The weather forecast is predicting that severe storms could be hitting the province, bringing tornado risks and "tennis ball-sized" hail.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), a low-pressure system developing in the province will trigger widespread "severe thunderstorms" across Alberta during the day on Thursday, July 7.

Storms will be developing along the foothills and head east through the western Prairies toward more heavily populated areas by the evening. The risk areas include cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer.

Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at TWN, said there is a lot of "atmospheric instability" present, which will help storms bubble up "quickly and with intensity."

Strong winds and heavy rain will be the main hazard in the storms, but Sonnenburg added huge hail "possibly near tennis ball-sized" could develop in some regions.

There is also a threat of an "isolated tornado or two," she warned, as "favourable wind shear" to support rotating storms is present.

Scattered storms are expected to develop in eastern and southern parts of Alberta into the evening as well.

On Friday, the storm risk will shift East, with eastern Alberta and Saskatchewan likely to get the worst of the weather, but there is some uncertainty on whether the storm risk will be widespread in southern Alberta in the late afternoon and evening.

So, if you are out and about on Thursday, keep a close eye on any weather warnings and have a plan in mind to stay safe.

    Charlie Hart
    Calgary Staff Writer
    Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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