Albertans Are Roasting Toronto For Being A 'Hamster Cage' & Said Calgary Is '100% Better'

People who moved from Toronto are "never moving back."

Calgary. Right: Toronto.

Calgary. Right: Toronto.

A Redditor who moved from Calgary to Toronto has sparked an interesting conversation about life in the two cities online.

In a Reddit post, the self-described student said they "regret" leaving Calgary for Toronto, even going as far as to say it's been "hell."

"Everything is so expensive and that tax kills me," they said.

The poster said people in Toronto have been way colder and added they didn't realize how nice Calgarians were until they arrived in Ontario.

"It’s also overwhelmingly big. The transit system is much more complex than YYC and downtown is packed with people, especially on the weekends. It feels like a very large hamster cage," they said.

After posting, the Redditor got a ton of support from Calgary locals and a lot of people agreed with how they felt about the cities with some people saying Calgary was "100% better."

from Calgary

"The crowds, the hustle, the cost, the traffic, the lack of any green space wears away at you," one person said.

"I couldn't wait to leave, and now I can't imagine ever living anywhere else but in Calgary or nearer the mountains. This city is the absolute best," they added.

Another commenter mentioned how they recently moved to Calgary from Toronto for school and that they "have no plans on going back [...] Even though Calgary is not nearly as big as Toronto, I feel like Calgary’s quality of life is 10 times better."

A person who recently bought a house in Calgary said they'd "never move back to the GTA and all the money in the world won't change that."

"You basically listed the things I love about Calgary and hated about the GTA. All my friends that have visited have noticed the same things. Calgary is the real Canada. I'll take the sunniest, cleanest city in Canada over the gloomy, wet, bone-chilling GTA rat race, any day of the week," they added.

Someone even went as far as to say Calgary might be the "most underrated city in Canada and probably in the world."

from Calgary

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