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Calgary. Right: Ottawa.

Calgary. Right: Ottawa.

If you live in Calgary, you already know it's a pretty great city to live in and it was even recently named one of the best places to live in the world. But it seems like other Canadians are starting to see the appeal too.

In a post on Reddit, a user from Ontario compared Canada's capital, Ottawa, to Calgary after visiting the city and honestly, it was pretty brutal.

The Redditor said Calgarians "live in a far superior city," which makes Ottawa "look like a sack of mountie horse poop". Ouch!

They said despite the history of Ottawa and the fact it's a quick trip to other cities like Montreal or Toronto, the city is lacking in other areas, such as public transport, libraries, malls and sports stadiums.

However, the user sang Calgary's praises, commenting on the mountains, cleanliness, city design, parks and bike lanes among others.

Locals were quick to agree in the comments, including a lot of people who had moved from Ottawa to Calgary over the years.

One user said they had moved to Calgary from Ottawa and the energy in the cities is "very different" as Calgary has an "entrepreneurial spirit."

"Calgary feels free and energetic. Ottawa has always felt less innovative and exciting. Out of the four Canadian cities I have lived in, Calgary is the best," they said.

Another person who moved from Ontario to Calgary said they "do not miss Ottawa one bit."

"Calgary has the best weather. Summers you can actually enjoy. Winters that are broken up by mild chinooks and the most sunshine out of any city. The best part about Calgary is how friendly everyone is here," they said.

Another compared Cowtown to other Ontario cities like Hamilton and Toronto.

"Calgary isn't perfect but I love it a lot more than Hamilton and Toronto. The quick access to the mountains was the winner for me," they said.

So there you have it, another win for Calgary!

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