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An Ontarian Moved To BC & Is Asking Locals Which 'Wholesome' City They Should Live In

People had some stunning small town recommendations!

Western Canada Editor
Nelson, B.C..

Nelson, B.C..

Someone moved from Ontario to Surrey, B.C. but didn't exactly fall in love with their neighbourhood, so they turned to a Reddit community for help finding a new small town in B.C. to live in.

The Reddit user wanted a slower pace of life and to get out of the city area, but they still wanted a great local food and brewing scene. Locals actually came through with some beautiful recommendations.

"Looking to move out of metro van in search of a more wholesome city. Any suggestions for small to medium-sized cities," the user said.

Kamloops was a popular spot, which is unsurprising, given its beauty and endless activities.

Lots of the towns recommended are full of outdoor activities, perfect for nature lovers.

Although one could argue that anywhere in B.C. has a natural beauty that's a step up from Ontario. Sorry Toronto, but nothing compares to the mountains out west!

Who wouldn't want to live close to Whistler, an epic ski resort and where parts of the Netflix show Virgin River is filmed? Maybe you'll even get to be in the background of an episode if you move to Squamish.

There are tiny villages all around the province offering uniquely stunning scenery.

Although the person who posted the thread said that they were thinking about moving to Victoria on Vancouver Island, not everyone thought it would be a fit.

The moral of the story is that B.C. has no shortage of friendly communities, ready to welcome all of the people who packed up and left the Ontario life behind them!

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