People Who Moved From Ontario & BC To Alberta Are Debating What Province Is Better

"Prefer Alberta over Ontario. No competition for me."

Alberta. Right: Toronto.

Alberta. Right: Toronto.

The debate on what Canadian province is the best to live in has taken Reddit by storm, in a thread of people comparing their new home of Alberta to Ontario and B.C.

In the Reddit thread, someone asked people that had moved from Ontario or B.C. to Alberta to share their opinions on which province they liked more as well as the reasons why. Of course, people did not hold back on their opinions, no matter how harsh.

People were keen to share their experiences of the three provinces and a lot of people had good things to say about Alberta.

According to one Redditor, who lived in both the GTA and Vancouver over the years, living in Medicine Hat with its sunny weather and no provincial sales tax was preferred.

"I'll gladly give up a variety of stores if I don’t have to sit in traffic for hours every day," they added.

Another said there was "no competition" between Alberta and Ontario, saying they'd never move back to the latter.

"The cost of living is fair, mountains are so close, and the weather is mild enough that you can spend most of the year outdoors doing activities. People are nicer and seem a lot happier here," they said.

One user stated they'd never move back to Ontario.

"I love the long winters out here, good paying jobs, and the sense of freedom from not being forced to live how my mother wanted me to," they added.

Even the roads in Alberta got compliments from someone from Ottawa.

"I love your roads. They're wider than Ontario's. I guess it's the summertime but Alberta just seems wide open compared to Ontario," they said.

However, some people were far more mixed about their feelings for the provinces.
One person pointed out that Albertan winters were one of the worst things about the province, especially considering how long they go on for.

"Having lived in BC and Ontario previously, I’m caught off guard every September when it suddenly turns cold. And by early March I’m beyond done with winter, but it lingers for another 8-12 weeks," they said.

Another said they'd moved to Alberta a decade ago from B.C. but the province hadn't grown on them at all in that time.
They said they would move back to B.C. "in a heartbeat," if they could make it work financially.

Looks like the rivalry between provinces won't come to an end anytime soon!

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