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Your Canadian Coins Could Be Worth Up To $400K & This TikToker Has A Quick Way To Find Out

Check your change for this!

Western Canada Editor
A Canadian dime. Right: A print of a Canadian dime worth up to $24,000.

A Canadian dime. Right: A print of a Canadian dime worth up to $24,000.

It turns out you might have a Canadian coin in your piggy bank that's worth around $400,000, and this person on TikTok shared exactly how to spot one.

The TikToker in Alberta said that there are dimes and pennies in circulation that are worth much more than one would think, and it's not even hard to see if you have one.

The TikToker, @thecanadiancoin, whose display name is Daniel Fraser, shows people valuable coins and how to spot them in your wallet. He even gives some tips on how to sell a coin, if you find out it's valuable.

In one viral video, Fraser shows what a "super rare, super valuable" Canadian dime looks like. He says that none of them have been found in mint condition, but they are still worth $24,000 in circulated condition. If you do find one in mint condition, though, he says it could be worth "probably at least $100,000."

"This is the one to keep your eyes open for if you're looking through your dimes," he says.

If you're getting out your piggybank, apparently you should be looking for a dime with the date 1969 on it. According to the TikToker, there was an "error in the mint in 1969" that printed the number in larger type.

Fraser says that the numbers are "a little bit more elongated" and are called "large dates."

Although only a few dimes had this error, some did make it out of the Canadian Mint. He adds that only 16 of these have been found so far, but they minted "close to 56 million" dimes for that year.

Fraser says the misprinted dimes are now worth "a ridiculous amount of money."


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The TikToker also gives some advice to anyone who gets lucky enough to find one. He says to firstly "take care of it," "try and touch it as little as possible with your bare hands," keep it safe and then bring it to an auction.

"There's lots of coin auctions out there," he says. At the auctions, he adds, an appraiser can tell you the value of your coin for free.

In another video, Fraser shows "the most expensive coin in Canadian coin collecting."

A Canadian penny sold for $400,000, and he shows a photo of what the coin looked like. It's a one-cent coin from 1936, with King George on the back with a crown on.

What makes the penny valuable, though, is a tiny dot below the date. "The dot makes the coin insanely rare," he adds.

He says that there have only been three of these found, and all were held by the same coin collector.


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So, go check that penny jar!

    Morgan Leet
    Western Canada Editor
    Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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