5 Of My Favourite Canadian Food Chains I've Fallen In Love With Since Moving From The UK

There are some firm favourites!

Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart with A&W. Right: Second Cup

Charlie Hart with A&W. Right: Second Cup

One of the best things about moving a new city is getting to know the food scene and I've been slowly ticking off a ton of Canadian restaurants that I've always wanted to try.

While Calgary has an amazing food scene with some incredible independent restaurants, there are also a few Canadian chains that I've got to try since moving and some have actually become favourites.

Not every experience has been a success (sorry Boston Pizza), but here are some of the top Canadian food chains that I've fully embraced since moving here.


I stand by the fact that A&W is God-tier fast food and there's really nothing that competes with it. Whether it's the way home from a bar, out on a road trip or even if I'm just craving a quick meal, A&W hits the mark.

While root beer isn't my thing (I know it's what they're famous for), the burgers are way better than any other fast food spot I've tried.


Earls is always a good choice if you're out with a group because the menu is so big, it basically has something for everyone. Anytime I've been, I've had great service and the food has been way nicer than I'd expect for a chain.

Yes, it's on the pricey side but for the consistency, sometimes it's worth it.

Tim Hortons

Any Canadian will tell you Tims is an institution here and it's one I've learnt to love since moving. While the coffee admittedly leaves a lot to be desired, the breakfast sandwiches and donuts really are the star of the show for me.

Nothing truly sums up the road trip experience like an early morning run to Tims to grab a bagel and a box of Timbits to keep you going on the drive.

Second Cup

Second Cup is another coffee shop chain that I've learned to appreciate in Canada. While it's definitely got a similar overall feel to a Starbucks, I personally have had way better food in Second Cup and it's usually way less crowded meaning less time spent waiting for a coffee.

Leopold's Tavern

Leopold's Tavern

Leopold's Tavern

Charlie Hart | Narcity

While Leo's is more of a West Coast/Prairies spot, it's always my go-to bar. While it has a dive bar aesthetic, it serves up a pretty tasty menu and its poutine is one of my favourite snacks. They also always have wild weekly feature poutines with everything from jalapeno cheddar perogy to Korean BBQ chicken.

I will pretty much always bring my friends and family that are visiting to Leo's at least once.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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