I Went To Alberta's First Nordic Spa & Here's Why It's Worth The Money (PHOTOS)

The views are incredible! ⛰️

Charlie Hart outside the spa. Right: A pool at Kananaskis Nordic Spa.

Charlie Hart outside the spa. Right: A pool at Kananaskis Nordic Spa.

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I've been to a few different spas over the years but a few weeks ago, I finally went to try out Alberta's first Nordic Spa and I was intrigued to know whether it was going to be worth the money.

Kananaskis Nordic Spa is a slice of Scandinavian spa culture right in the idyllic Rocky Mountains. With a combination of hot, warm and cold areas, you're meant to switch between the three temperatures.

It was my first time properly trying hydrotherapy so I wasn't sure what to expect from the experience and it's safe to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The experience

Set right within the gorgeous Kananaskis mountains, I couldn't really imagine a more picturesque place to spend an afternoon relaxing, but I was still pretty skeptical going in.

When you arrive at the spa, you check in at reception and you're given an electronic key to open a locker where you can leave all your clothes and valuables. Phones aren't allowed in the spa other than in very specific areas so you really get the full impact of switching off.

Your locker will also have a towel, a super warm robe and some pretty ugly slides to put on your feet to get around the spa.

The day I visited was minus 15 degrees and I was a bit scared of how cold it was outside but within two minutes of getting into the first hot pool, I was over it. Getting between areas even in sub-zero temperatures was a lot more bearable (even weirdly enjoyable) than I expected.

I was also visiting on a Monday which meant the spa was a lot quieter and while there were still plenty of people around, I never struggled to find room in a sauna or pool so it was very relaxing.

Hydrotherapy access is an all-day pass so you can spend as long as you want at the spa. I was there for around five hours or so and felt like it was a pretty nice amount of time.

The price

Compared to other Alberta spas, the Kananaskis Nordic Spa starts from a relatively pricey $129 per person for access to the hydrotherapy pools, saunas and steam rooms.

However, you're absolutely paying for the experience of being there and the location and having been once, I would totally be willing to pay again.

You can also book massages at an extra cost for the ultimate luxury experience and while they are also pretty steep at from $239, you do get hydrotherapy access included so it works out cost-effective to do both if you're craving a massage.

There is a restaurant with food and drink available too and while prices definitely weren't cheap, it's worth budgeting into your day. I picked up a poached egg and grains bowl for $18 and it was delicious, it felt pretty light and healthy which is what I wanted between stints in the pool.

While it was by no means a cheap day out, it's one that I would love to do again sometime in the future as it really is one of the most stunning spas I've been to.

There's nothing like floating in a hot pool on a winter day with snow-capped mountains in the distance. It really is as dreamy as it sounds.

Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Price: From $129 per person

Address: 1 Centennial Dr., Kananaskis Village, AB.

Why You Need To Go: This mountain spa makes for a super relaxing down out with incredible views.


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