Locals Are Sharing The Small Towns In Alberta They Would Love To Move To & They're Stunning

These spots look dreamy! 😍

Someone in High River. Right: Canmore.

Someone in High River. Right: Canmore.

If you've ever dreamed about giving up city life for a cute small town somewhere, you aren't alone. Someone on Reddit asked people to share their favourite small towns in Alberta and they really came through with the goods.

In the post, a Redditor asked Albertans for their favourite small towns in the province they would love to move to "if the cost of housing and job opportunities weren't a factor."

People really came in with their suggestions, shouting out some of the small towns they love in the province and they really are stunning.


The small town of Hinton was a hit for Albertans. It sits just outside of Jasper National Park and people said it has everything the town of Canmore has, such as shops, nature and mountain views, but with way fewer tourists.


Glenwood came highly recommended for how close it is to the mountains (around a 25-minute drive). It also has a lot of campgrounds nearby and Redditors said the neighbours are friendly too.


The idyllic Canmore also came highly recommended (if you don't mind tourists). It has a ton of cute shops, restaurants and breweries to explore right in among the mountains.

Picture Butte

A Redditor described this Southern Alberta rural community as "charming." The town has tons of cute shops to visit and it also has a tractor museum.

High River

If it looks like High River is straight out of a TV show, that's because it is. The town plays the backdrop for CBC's Heartland and it has tons of sets you can visit. Redditors also said the people are great.

Charlie Hart
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