A Tornado Touched Down In Southeast Alberta & The Weather Is Looking Wild (VIDEOS)

Homes and vehicles have been damaged.

A branch coming off a tree in Alberta. Right: The branch in the road.

A branch coming off a tree in Alberta. Right: The branch in the road.

In a string of intense weather changes in Alberta, the province has seen another tornado touch down and it has damaged homes and vehicles.

Videos have been circulating, showing the heavy rain and strong winds as the tornado approached.

An Alberta Emergency alert said that the tornado touched down in Cypress County, near the city of Medicine Hat at 1:50 p.m. on Monday, July 18.

In a tweet, the Alberta Government said the tornado touched down in the area of Highways 523 and 1. It also said it has "caused damage to homes and vehicles in the area".

People in the region have been urged to watch for funnel clouds and take precautions to ensure their safety as the tornado continues. They have also been told to follow the directions of local authorities.

"A detour is in place along Township Road 122, and east to Range Road 71, and south to Highway 3," the alert said.

In a terrifying video filmed in Redcliff, a town just 10 minutes outside of Medicine Hat, enormous branches can be seen flying off of a tree and into the road, narrowly missing the surrounding parked cars.

Another person captured just how little visibility there was with the rain coming down so heavily and strong winds.

Parts of the province are facing severe thunderstorm warnings, which are in place for areas around Medicine Hat, Cypress County and Hanna.

"These thunderstorms will be capable of producing very strong wind gusts, large hail and heavy rain," Environment Canada warned.

Charlie Hart
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