Canada's Top Remote Jobs In 2022 Were Unveiled So You Can Make Money From Your Couch

No need to commute to an office!

Canada's Top Remote Jobs In 2022 Were Unveiled So You Can Make Money From Your Couch
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New year, new career? A new ranking has unveiled Canada's best remote jobs so you can find out which positions can have you making money while sitting on your couch.

Randstad, an HR services company, recently released its findings on the best jobs of 2022, which include insight into the highest-paying ones, the top positions and the best remote jobs.

According to Randstad, employers in many industries across Canada are struggling to fill open positions right now, and that sets up qualified candidates to have a good chance at scoring the jobs that they want most.

The ranking revealed the top 10 remote jobs that are trending right now where you're likely to be allowed to work from home during 2022.

Coming in first place are call centre representatives, because the job works well in remote environments.

That's followed by senior software developers in second, accountants in third, bookkeepers in fourth and digital marketers in fifth.

Social media managers come in sixth place because the tools needed to work are readily available online and someone in this position could actually do their entire job on a smartphone if they have the right apps!

After that, project managers are in seventh, data analysts are in eighth and administrative assistants are in ninth.

Finishing off the top 10 is the help desk/IT support position as many support issues can be solved through email, phone, online chats and even remote access to a user's computer.

If you want even more job options, this time based on how much money you could earn, Randstad also ranked Canada's highest paying positions for 2022, and most offer six-figure salaries!

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